Do you believe we’re in October?

The weather here has been PHENOMENAL, but the trees are beginning to let us know it’s time….
the gorgeous oranges and reds are starting to surface and it is spectacular.
You don’t even mind raking when you get natural art like this right?
Okay, I only have 1 tree that drops it’s leaves – the rest are evergreens – so perhaps I don’t speak for everyone.

It got me to thinking though….
My pillows are still in spring watercolour mode.

Doesn’t go very well with all of the pumpkins and Hallowe’en crafts of late?

Time for more envelope pillows!
I found this gorgeous fabric at Fabricland (Leelou, I didn’t get the name of it, but if you want it, let me know and I’ll go back).

The best part is that the leaves and the stripe-ish fabric look equally beautiful on both sides!
Check that – the very best part was that they were on sale for $7, $3 and $7 a metre respectively.

See both sides!

I won’t bore you with another envelope pillow case tutorial.  You can find the watercolour pillow one here.  I just did the same thing again.

BUT, I have seen reversible table runners online and this seemed like a great time to try it out – particularly since I couldn’t decide which side of the fabric I liked best. 

Cut two large rectangles.
I can’t give exact measurements here because it’s going to depend on the length and width of your table.
Do you want it to go end-to-end, or be a square in the middle?

For me, I just wanted something that would fit in the centre of the table so that I didn’t have to remove it when we sat down for dinner.  The placemats will still fit around it.

Put right sides together – if you have a two-sided fabric like these, then put one of each side together.
Sew a 1″ hem all the way around the runner leaving a small opening at one end.

Turn your rectangle right sides out and make sure you poke out all of the corners for crisp edges.
Iron flat.
From here you can hand-stitch the small opening, or run it under the sewing machine very close to the edge to finish.

It looks good at this point, but not quite finished.
You could add tassels to the ends, a decorative ribbon treatment, anything you want really.
Given that we have two cats and two kids – plain-jane seemed to be my best bet.

I ran the runner under the sewing machine creating a 2″ hem all the way around the runner.

Press again and you’re done!

This was even easier than the envelope pillow cases – if you can sew a straight line, you’re laughing!

It’s tough to see in my crappy lighting, but one side is orange and the other is grey (with orange stripes).

… and the watercolour pillows are no-more!

 Happy October!

  Have a great one!

Jockey P2P Look of the Day
Jersey reversible cowl
Classic ponte 5 pocket pant

I love this cowl neck top because you can have it drape down your back (as here) or down the front AND it has little straps to attach to your bra so that it doesn’t slip off of your shoulders.
They thought of everything!

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