This is my 100th Post!!

A year or so ago a friend of mine told me about something she did in her house to encourage her kids to read….

She printed off a “100’s Chart” and gave the kids one stamp (or check or sticker) for every book they read.

Brilliant right?
(Kari, you’re a genius!)

I tried this with my girls last year and sure enough, with a chart posted, stickers tempting them and a prize on the line – they both read 100 books!

This is even more impressive when you take into account that Maddie was in Grade 1 and Chloë was only in Senior Kindergarten!

Chloë‘s books consisted mainly of early readers at first, but by the end she was able to read, and comprehend, level 2 readers!

Madison started with leveled readers and by the end of the challenge had graduated on to chapter books – where we re-evaluated the reward system and gave her a sticker for every chapter she completed.

What if I added the fact that both girls read 100 books within 3 months of starting the challenge?

Pretty amazing eh?

Their final reward was a trip to Niagara Falls to visit a waterslide park, but in all honesty we were planning on taking them anyways.

This just gave US the reward of having them read willingly and enthusiastically.

Printable 100 Book Challenge
Printable 100 Chapter Challenge

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Have a great one!