I recently found an article linking to the 100 Happy Days Challenge.


It’s an online challenge to submit photos, 100 days in a row, of things that make you happy.


But I don’t have an iPhone, and I forget to take photos even for planned blogging articles, plus uploading etc….
not realistic for me.

Well, let me tell you something I learned at my “Favourite Things” Party…

Keep a small notebook.
That’s it.

Keep it in your purse, by your bedside, wherever, and jot down something each day that made you happy.


My friend Lisa has been doing this for years now.  
She told us she keeps a notebook and jots down one “happy thing” in it each night before bed.
She can now go back through her notebooks and relive those moments (first steps, great coffee dates, special quiet time).

It doesn’t get much easier than a small notebook and a pen – and the ‘ripple effect’ of capturing these memories and appreciated moments is priceless.

So today, I challenge you to start your 100 Happy Days challenge;
online through the website, or in a notebook in your nightstand.

I’m going to start it on the blog – right here, right now.
(actually, I really started yesterday – I was too happy to contain myself. lol)

(Thank you Kristyn and Lisa!)

Have a great one!

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