One of our 100 Things 2 Do this summer was to go “Beading”.

I don’t know if that’s the technical term? Perhaps “jewellery making” would have been a better description.

Beyond macaroni or cereal necklaces, I’ve never made ‘official’ jewellery – so this task intrigued me…

One of my friends is a jeweller and makes her own jewellery using her very own Jeweller’s rolling mills. These fantastic tools need to be seen to be believed!

That being said, I am a total novice when it comes to jewellery making so, instead, we decided to try beading.

I wanted to see all the beads and charms, the display of fun pieces that others have made, and learn a thing or two…

So I found a local shop – Beads and Plenty More – and off we went!

Please call ahead to pre-arrange classes.

Now, if you have Little Diva’s like I do, you can easily imagine their glowing faces as they walked in and saw the millions of beads, pendants and sparklies…

This place has true “Glamazon Potential”!

As a side note: if you are planning a wedding, or plan on being in a wedding – this is the place for you! There were gorgeous examples of jewellery that could be custom tailored to your outfit!

I called ahead and Linda, the Shop Owner, had trays and trays of goodies already set out for them.

A quick lesson and they were off!

I do have to warn you that this is an exercise in creativity.
Five and seven-year-olds want to incorporate every sparkly thing they can in their creations – so any rules on pattern, repetition or colour coordination are thrown out the window.

This tested my A-Type personality to no end, but seeing them having a great time helped calm my twitches.

An anklet:

And a necklace later:

…and you can see what a great adventure this turned out to be.
Next time – Mommy session!
*Note: This is not a sponsored post. We found Linda in the phone book and I just took photos as we went along… it really is a lot of fun.
Have a great one!!!