• make a pinata  

The girls and I actually made these piñatas a couple of weeks ago when we were planning their end-of-year parties.
We followed this tutorial on YouTube. 

Flour, water, newspaper and a balloon were all we needed.

We didn’t end up covering the piñata in tissue paper – too labour intensive for a 5 year old – so we masked off “SK” (Senior Kindergarten) for Chloë’s and a “1” (for Grade 1) for Madison’s, and spray painted them.

Filling them was a challenge…
I lead by example with the “One for me, two for the pot” technique.

 Not too shabby eh?

I did ask Hubby to hold the piñata up while standing on the ground, but he wasn’t interested in appearing on America’s Funniest Videos, so he improvised.

 And the sugar mayhem ensued…

 I’d say the piñata was a huge hit!

Congratulations Kindergarten Graduates!