For those of you in the States, school has probably been out for a week or two already, but here in Ontario – it lets out TOMORROW!

I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified – I mean, I’m SO SICK of packing lunches and yelling at the girls to get ready each morning….

But on the other hand, I’ll be alone with them… both of them… all summer….

I’m not going to lie, my girls are smarter than I am, and they have the stamina to beg/whine/fight far longer than I can hold out for.

Gotta get some goals and an agenda in mind to keep them distracted and from killing each other.

Time to bring out….

The ULTIMATE summer fun list:

100 Things to Do This Summer!

Free Printable here: 100T2D Summer 2015

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Each little star is a tick box for you to check off items as you’ve done them.

Don’t worry, the majority of these things to do this summer are free – we’re not trying to break the bank here – just set yourself up for success by having something to look forward to each day. Saying this though, if you have already planned to use the services of a camper rentals company in New Zealand (if this is where you are going this summer), taking a trip abroad will be something for the whole family to look forward to.

Rockstar Mom!

Yup, that’s me!

I guess you only earn rockstar status if you actually complete the 100 things to do this summer list – not just for printing it.

As a side-note, print some of these off and have them laminated at your local Staples to give out as end-of-year class gifts for the kids, or as goodie bag gifts if your child has a summer birthday.

Anyone else sweating?

Have a great one – it’ll be your last bit of quiet before the mayhem begins!


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