Today’s post is embarrassingly easy.  In fact, I wasn’t going to show it at all it was so simple, but my daughter is so pleased with it that I thought I’d give you the opportunity to be a DIY superstar (in their eyes) as well.

Now don’t think of this DIY doll furniture as a “girl’s toy”.  I’m showing it here with an 18″ (American Girl) doll, but it could just as easily be painted royal blue for Superman, or black for Batman and they could use it as their work bench or computer station.

This came about because I was puttering in my garage/workshop and my daughter and her friend came out to see what I was doing.  I told them they could go through my scrap wood pile and see what they could create and I would glue and/or cut as needed so they could build something.  Chloe’s friend Jeannie came back with two 4×4 posts and a 2×6 piece and said it could be a makeup station for her AG doll.

Brilliant!  I love watching kids and their imaginations!

I switched out the 4×4 pieces for two more 2×6’s and glued and screwed it all together.

Doll furniture DIY - AG Makeup station / vanity

The legs are 8″ long and the vanity/table top is 12″ long – all made from scrap 2×6.

The backing is a thin board – I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s about the thickness of peg board without the holes in it.  If you are building one for a super hero, you could use peg board and hang small tools from it.

I gave the entire piece a good sanding so as not to risk any slivers on little hands (60 up to 220 grit sandpaper) and then added a couple of coats of paint from a $3 tester pot I had leftover.

Doll furniture DIY - AG Makeup station / vanity

The mirror is just a locker mirror I found at Staples for $4 glued to the back.

This DIY doll furniture (vanity)  doesn’t look like much, but Chloe and Jeannie just love theirs – and that’s what’s important right?  It could be a standing desk ( these 18″ dolls don’t sit all that well), a bake station, a vanity, a tool bench, a computer station (print off images of computer screens and mod podge them to the backboard).

Drop the thin would piece behind the bottom of the table and make it a fireplace with a mantle by painting, or printing and gluing, a fire image behind it.

Doll furniture DIY - AG Makeup station / vanity

Turn it sideways and it could be a barrier between the storm troopers and the good guys (sorry, I’m not Star Wars fluent) for an epic battle of good versus evil.

Doll furniture DIY - AG Makeup station / vanity

Embarrassingly easy right?

This took a total of 45 minutes to make, sand and paint (not including drying time) – so you could still whip one out before Santa’s arrival.

Doll furniture DIY - AG Makeup station / vanity

Coming soon, I’ll show you how I faked my way through a doll sofa and coffee table as well.


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Have a great one!

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