I was telling you in an earlier post how I’ve been trying to accessorize my patio – but without spending much in doing it.
This is one more project that is part of that initiative.


A little extra seating.
Easy enough when you find a cute stool like this one for $2.

I believe this would be called “mid-century boho chic”?
I can picture it in the Brady’s house somehow?
Not my style – but it does have potential.



Painted to coordinate with my patio furniture.
(Hubby LOVES it when I leave spray paint marks all over our front lawn. lol)


Then tucked at the edge of the patio to add hint of colour while still being useful.




 At least in red it looks like an intentional decor decision and not a “I’m too broke to purchase anything really good” one.


If it doesn’t survive the season – then I’m out $2 and some leftover spray paint.

It’s worth a shot.



Have a great one!

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