It’s here!

Later than I’d planned and a bit thinner than I’d expected (we’re talking thousands of words and hundreds of photos), but it’s here in all of it’s glossy coloured goodness!

100T2D Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Decor


Let me have a little brag here – this was written by a woman that lost her job a few years ago and had to start again from scratch.  I started this blog and (single-handedly) grew it to reach thousands and thousands of readers across the globe.  Now I’ve added “Author” to my resume!

I’m a real-life Phoenix!

100T2D Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Decor - 2

If you don’t buy it for the 40+ (43 I think) Holiday crafts, gifts and decor you can make, then order it because the chick on the back cover is HOT!

Look at her! 100T2D Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Decor - 3

Yes, the photo was taken from the neck up and there was some airbrushing involved – but I didn’t say it was a ‘natural hotness’, more of a ‘from a distance hot’.  Hot enough to make the book totally worth buying!

100T2D Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Decor - 7

Inside you’ll find projects that HAVE NOT been covered on the blog.  There are two that you can find online on, but all the rest are new.  Check out that moose!  Some companies (ahem Grandin Road) will charge you $500 for a deer head piece of art similar to this one.  I’ve got the step-by-step on how to make one yourself for about $20 – yup, in this amazing craft book.

100T2D Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Decor - 8

We may be a little tight on  creating Christmas decor, but there’s still lots of time to check out the ornaments, gifts and wrapping sections!

Imagine, sitting by the Christmas tree, sipping cocoa and flipping through this New York Times Bestseller (to-be).

100T2D Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Decor - 11

Use a copy as a coaster, use it to decorate your tree, use it as a “Great Gift Idea” for the crafter in your life.  (Don’t think I’m above product placement people)

100T2D Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Decor

Here, I’ll help you out…  I’ve written your letter to Santa already.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 3.31.28 PM


There are limited print copies available – and yes, I will ship internationally, but the shipping costs may be more expensive – so you need to click below now.  I don’t have an ETA on the E-book version as of yet – but you can’t wrap an Ebook anyways.  This is MUCH better.


*Shipping charges are based on delivery from London, ON to Houston, TX and may not be reflective of charges to your area.  If you are in Canada, shipping will be lower, and refunds of your overages will be provided, likewise international shipping may be more (but it will totally be worth it!)

100T2Do Christmas Crafts, Gifts and Decor you can make

Please help support me and – as well as your craft-addicted friends and family – by purchasing your copy TODAY!  (Martha has enough money)

Have a great one – from one very hot author!  (pre-menopausal?)