Why would you do this?
Won’t it scratch your dishes and glassware?

Well yes, but I had a special request from my Dad asking me to put snaps on some tea towels for him.

Why?  So that when he’s done washing the dishes, or rinsing his hands, he can just dab them off quickly.

stainless steel oven with tea towel hanging over the handle - snaps visible

You’ve seen these before I’m sure.  We had one growing up that was crocheted at the top and hung over the stove handle.
I think those are the ones my Dad still has… (yikes!)

Since I can’t crochet, I opted for the easy route:  metal snaps.

Depending on the length of your tea towel you can do this at the end, or as in the photo above, in the middle.

Fold your tea towel over a large wrapping paper tube to determine the placement of your snaps.

tea towel with empty tube of wrapping paper in the centre to show spacing of snaps

Then all you need to do is to hammer them in place.
You can buy a special tool if you want, but really a hammer and an eraser (so you don’t crush the snaps) work pretty well.

tea towel with snaps in place

Snaps like these are available at any fabric store – I think you get 6 for about $2 maybe?

GREAT idea Dad – now the towel won’t go missing when my hands are dripping and it won’t continually fall off when I’m cooking.

tea towel with snaps hanging over oven handle

Oops, I guess it’s not much of a gift if it’s used eh? lol

Have a great one!

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