With all the back-to-school photos circulating around right now, I thought I’d revisit my blog post about using PicMonkey to add text to photos.

I did a search of my articles and couldn’t find it anywhere – obviously I didn’t use the right keywords to identify the post.
I thought I’d post a new one this year.

Easy-peasy and FREE!

Go to PicMonkey.com and click the “edit” icon.

It will take you to  a bunch of folders – select the folder and photo you want to edit.

In this case I saved the back-to-school photos to my desktop to make them easier to find.

You’re probably going to want to crop your photo.
I like the shots where the writing is down the side of the photograph, so I’m going to crop out a lot of the background, while still leaving space to the left.
Click the crop icon:

Resize and reposition

 And voila!  Less background, more subject!

I thought I might need to add an overlay since the background where I want the text is pretty busy…
Click on the butterfly icon and then you can choose whatever overlay you want – banners, badges, shapes etc.  For my purpose I just chose “Geometric” and then the rectangle which I sized to fit my space.
You’ll notice my rectangle is slightly transparent.  On the right side of your screen you will be given the option to change the colour, size and opacity of your overlay.  I simply faded mine out slightly.

Next up – the text!
Click on the “T” on the sidebar and then select from the list of fonts.
Click on your font choice and then click “Add Text” and it will give you a text box in the middle of your screen.
Click and drag to move it wherever you want.
Again, you’ll see the pop-up box on the right side of your screen that will allow you to change the colour of the font, the sizing etc.

I wanted a couple of different fonts in different sizes, so once I had my “Grade 3” ready, I went back to the font screen, chose a second font and clicked “Add Text” again.
From here I could input an entire list of items.

Just so you can see how it would look without the overlay – I clicked on the rectangle shape and deleted it.  You can see that the words are lost  between the brick and the sidelight.
Easy enough to fix – click the undue arrow on the top of the screen!

 Click the save button on the top menu bar and you are done!

 It’s free, it’s easy and it’s fun.
What a great way to commemorate back-to-school.
Better still – you can airbrush out pimples, add funny overlays to create birthday and/or Christmas cards.

 The girls will be less than impressed that I posted this one. lol

  Have a great one!

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