I have the privilege of being in an accountability group that includes a brilliant Homeopath – Joanna Rogister, DCHM, R.H.N., BA.

I must have been snuffling and sneezing during one of our meetings because the topic of allergies came up. Joanna told me she had planned to post an article on her website with regards to the trials and tribulations of allergy sufferers, and offering up advice and suggestions on all natural, homeopathic alternatives to help with the inflammation as well as reduce your body’s reaction to the allergens. If you think that you might have an allergy but you aren’t too sure, then it might be a good idea for you to get an allergy testing done, as once you know what allergy you have, then you can use my home remedies to help you out.

Some of the remedies can be found at health food stores and some may be available to order online. Joanna carries several in stock and can supply them as well.

*Note from Joanna: All homeopathic remedies can be taken by anyone – pregnant mothers, newborns, etc. although I recommend speaking with a homeopath before giving something to a newborn (only to discuss in more details – not due to any safety concerns). The remedies listed below can be given to a young child. Homeopathic remedies are completely safe, but for best results they should actually consult with a registered Homeopath.

I have Joanna’s permission to share her article/s here:


If you suffer from allergies and have been taking antihistamines, decongestants, steroids, bronchodilators, or any of the commonly prescribed medications, there are natural alternatives available. As with any medication, you may not get rid of your allergy but you should be able to reduce your susceptibility to the allergen as well as reducing your body’s response.

There are many homeopathic remedies that can help your body heal itself when inflammation has created an allergic response to a substance. Remedies are created from completely natural substances so there are no side effects from the remedy itself.

More information on homeopathy with the most commonly asked questions and answers can be found on my website.

I will be providing you with a list of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies recommended for allergy sufferers including Allium, Natrum muriaticum, Sabadilla, etc. To find the one that suits you most closely, read through the symptoms of the remedy and find the one that matches your symptoms most closely.

You do not have to have all of the symptoms of each remedy for it to be the right one for you. Just choose your most significant symptoms and try and find a remedy that produces those symptoms.

As with any therapy, working closely with a registered Practioner will yield the best results.

Allium cepa

You have a lot of watery discharge from your nose and eyes; frequent sneezing; a discharge from your nose that irritates your nose and possibly your upper lip; eyes that burn, sting and swell and are sensitive to light; you are very thirsty; often a headache accompanies the symptoms that is located in the back of the head or in the forehead in the sinus area. Products considered the best CBD oils UK are often used by many to alleviate headaches, nausea and other related symptoms.

The sufferer seems to feel better in the open air, especially if it is cool air; however, if there is a cough it will get worse when cool air is inhaled. Symptoms seem to be worse in a warm room or indoors. An Air Filter For Dog Hair can help with symptoms when indoors.

Arsenicum Album

When your allergies produce symptoms such as asthma, anxiety, restlessness and burning eyes with tears that are hot and stinging, and severe sneezing, Arsenicum Album will the remedy to choose. Discharge from the nose is thin and burning without colour but watery. Often the patient will be very thirsty for warm drinks that they want to sip rather than gulp. Wet weather, any weather changes or being by the ocean make symptoms worse.

Arsenicum Iodatum

If you are experiencing a constant desire to sneeze due to an irritation or tickling of the nose with a watery, irritating discharge from the nose that seems to run down the back of the throat then this is the remedy for you. The discharge will turn from thin to a thick, yellow, hanging discharge that becomes a post-nasal drip, irritating the back of the throat if the allergy continues for a long period of time. The head and ears may feel blocked with fluid and, as a result, the patient may have difficulty hearing. Symptoms aggravated by the sneezing and by dry, cold weather and wind and tobacco smoke.


If the roof of your mouth is extremely itchy, and your eyes and ear canals itch and burn. The nostrils are annoyingly itchy; you sneeze a lot and possibly have lost your sense of smell.

Common allergy symptoms and all natural (homeopathic) remedies


This remedy is particularly suited to those who work or live in a damp or cold office or home. Symptoms can be brought on by the cold – cold weather, sitting on the cold ground, a change in weather from warm to cold. There is usually constant sneezing and a profuse watery discharge from the eyes and nose. Usually you will be thirsty for cold drinks. Symptoms can be accompanied by diarrhoea and joint pain and are generally worse on hot days with cold nights.


Eyes water constantly, causing itching and burning and sometimes the eyes will discharge a sticky mucus that is hard to clear off. Eye discharge is acrid, burning and often thick (opposite of Allium Cepa) and nasal discharge is usually accompanied by a frontal headache. Frequent sneezing that gets worse at night is often found and symptoms are worse in the sunlight and wind.


With this remedy there is often very violent sneezing and nasal discharge. The face is often hot and the nose will tingle along with a burning discharge that is worse in the morning. Symptoms are often accompanied by thirstlessness and eyes can be so heavy that it is difficult to open them. In addition, urination can be quite profuse and accompanied by a headache.

Kali Iodatum

This remedy is useful for those sufferers who experience profuse, water, nasal discharge that burns the nose and lip. The tip of the nose if often red and sinus pain is common. You may feel anxious and irritable due to the pain in the sinuses and head. There is also often extreme thirst with violent sneezing and you may feel alternately cold and hot.

Natrum Muriaticum

There is often excessive, watery discharge from the nose (like the white of a raw egg) that lasts from 1 – 3 days then the nose may become stuffy, making breathing difficult. Sneezing is common along with a craving for salt and dry mouth. There can be a headache that feels like the head is being hammered and they can often lose their sense of taste and smell.

Nux Vomica

You may experience prolonged sneezing spells especially when first waking up in the morning. Often you will have a runny discharge from the nose during the day and be stuffed up at night. You may experience an itchy sensation in the throat from the larynx to the trachea and in the eustachian tubes. Often the patient will be chilly and irritable and stays up late at night due to the allergies.


The most common symptom of this remedy is excessive sneezing with a runny nose. The sneezing can be so bad that it can cause nosebleeds and severe headaches along with sinus pain. The roof of the mouth may itch and/or you may be very sensitive to the smell of apples. Eyes are often hot, red and burning and hearing can be affected due to eustachian tube blockage.


If you are experiencing a feeling of fullness in the nose with dryness of the nasal membranes; frequent sneezing and blowing of the nose with no discharge; dry scabs forming in the evening at night and a dry hacking cough which comes on at night then this is the remedy for you.


You will recognize the symptom of the back of the nose and the roof of the mouth being intensely itchy along with a dry throat that has a sensation of being swollen, causing difficulty swallowing and clearing the throat.

All natural (Homeopathic) remedies for fall allergies - symptoms and solutions

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