Yes, I guess I’ve been on a bathroom tangent lately.

I blame Cathy at Hyde Park Paint & Paper – if she didn’t show me the grass cloth books and then show me this amazing alternative – I wouldn’t  be on Hubby’s shit list right now (or have this gorgeous new powder room to show off…)


It’s not bad, but it’s dark.

 I’ve loved the red for 9 years, but my heart has been pining for grasscloth.

Cathy showed me a faux-grasscloth that was within the realm of reasonable.

It’s vinyl, but it looks almost exactly like grass cloth.

I went with a grey with a slight metallic sheen to it:

This is a product that you will have to hire someone to hang.  

The gentleman that did it for us said that it was a great product, but a beast to hang.

Our bathroom mirror is siliconed to the wall so he had to cut around it, and the lights and the cabinet – and still it looks seamless!

What he also said, which never occurred to me before, was that this was a better route to go for a powder room

Reason being; if any urine were to get on real grasscloth, you could never get it out.
With this faux version – you can just wipe the walls down.

Don’t you love it when someone reinforces that you made the right decision?!
(not that urine splashes would EVER occur in my powder room!)

I repainted all the trim before the hanging, so everything is crisp and clean and fresh.

(and through gritted teeth, Hubby admitted it does look good).


It does come in different colours as well – call Cathy and she can give you the deets.  (Tell her I sent you so she can refer back to the product I bought)

Thank you so much Cathy – and Hyde Park Paint & Paper!

Have a great one!

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