Hubby is a jokester.
He LOVES playing pranks on people.

I’ve squelched it in him because I don’t like having pranks played on me…. 
but I do love to dish it out.  lol

In year’s past I’ve made up police letterhead and typed up a formal letter to him indicating that he’d been caught running a stale yellow and that his license was going to be revoked.  I even managed to talk a kind officer into calling the house to reinforce the prank.

I’ve put “Gay Pride” stickers all over the back of his car and he’s driven around unknowingly.  (Nothing against Gay Pride, but he’s not gay – so that’s where the joke comes in.)

I’ve even altered his income tax letter from the accountant, so that last year when he was expecting a big return – the letter said that he owed $500.  You should have seen how pleased he was with me after that one. 

This year we kept it low key with jokes that the girls could play on him.
We started our morning yesterday with a little milk in our cereal:

Which also made for an interesting chai latte look;

We cut up some brown e’s for the girls to take to school;

and surprise their classes with.

We also put little eyeballs on Hubby’s eggs.

This was supposed to start and stop at eyeballs, but Madison really got into the mood and created cyclops, 3 -eyed versions, some with lipstick and unibrows…

I’m just hoping that crayola markers won’t cause food poisoning?

Finally, we covered Hubby’s remotes with post-it notes so that the signal wouldn’t reach the tv.
(we got his computer mouse as well).

In fairness, he did start it – he put icy hot on the girls doorknobs and then covered their bathroom tap with cellophane for when they went to wash it off their hands.

Hmmmmm, icy hot…. that may have found it’s way into Hubby’s cup before he went to hockey last night. 

Thank goodness he’s afraid of my wrath and doesn’t get me back!

Check the blog tomorrow to find out what this is all about – you’ll LOVE it!


Have a great one!