I know, I know… it’s WAAAAAAY too early to be ushering in Fall.

I hear ya’, but those pesky bloggers out there are already decorating their mantles and prepping their Hallowe’en crafts as I type.  Heck, Costco already has Christmas decor out – so I’ve gotta jump on this band wagon and give you something you can create with enough time to complete the project and get your ‘deco-on’ – I don’t want to leave you hanging with no Autumn decor when September rolls in!

Think of it more as “I’ve got your back” than “this chick is nuts, it’s still August”.

For me, Autumn rings in warm jewel tones.  Rich wood, burgundies, deep oranges and rusts and the start of ‘burrowing’ – like getting out all of your cozy throw blankets and fall jackets for walks in the brisk air.

At 33 degree celsius today (92 degrees fahrenheit) and humid, we’ll start with wood and leave the jackets etc for another few weeks.

I cut down some scrap wood to 7″ by 5.5″ (roughly 18cm by 14cm) and applied Minwax Dark Walnut stain.

Create warm Autumn decor by using scrap wood, a bit of stain and your favourite fall quote.

I used my Silhouette to take these quotes and shrink them down to the appropriate sizes – but you could use a Sharpie paint pen and write them out free hand.  (I just don’t have that kind of talent)

I used white orange and a touch of gold acrylic paint that I picked up at the Dollar store and applied three coats over the letting.  The gold was rubbed on with my finger after the paint was dry.
Autumn blocks - 4

Then carefully remove your stencil:

Autumn blocks - 7

I’ll give you a tip – don’t sand down your letters yet.  If you want that rustic, faded text look, apply a very light coat of matte varnish and then sand.  The reason being is that if you sand before the varnish, the white paint will work its way into the stained wood and leave you with a white ‘glow’ around your quote that no amount of wiping can seem to remove.  By sealing the wood first, you can sand off your letters, but the white/orange paint won’t be able to lodge inside the tiny crevices so you can remove it cleanly.

(Trust me, I know this from experience)

Autumn blocks 2 - 2

Your boards could be pumpkins or acorns, turkeys or leaves – anything goes – and no matter what you come up with it will add a nice warm touch to your home.

Autumn blocks 2 - 4

Create a set and stack them in a trio.  Use them as book ends, or put one on the counter in each bathroom.  With them being sealed with the matte varnish, you could even put them outside (in a protected area) and use them for front porch decor.

I haven’t decided where to put these guys yet, so they may make the rounds until I’ve found just the right spot.

Then again, it’s still August – so maybe I’ll tuck them away until September when Fall actually arrives. lol

Autumn blocks 2 - 6



Autumn decor - an easy DIY using some scrap wood, a bit of stain, dollar store paint and your favourite quote.



Have a great one!




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