Why is it every time you get in the car to go somewhere the kids have to pee?

You ask before you leave the house.

You ask before you leave the driveway.

It isn’t until it’s really inconvenient to turn around that they have to go.


I have a solution for you;  MineCraft!

This game is all-consuming.  They don’t talk, they don’t hear us, but they also don’t have to pee!

We have little carry-alls that we take in the car for road trips.
It stores all of their colouring essentials, paper, treats and even holds their iPads in a clear section so they can watch a movie (or MineCraft videos)  while it’s hanging there.

 It’s not even meant for cars!  This is actually a travel make-up bag!

Thirty-One Timeless Beauty Bag      

I actually think this would be ideal for Hubby since he has his office in the car… but the fact that it’s considered a makeup bag means he won’t even consider it. lol

They fold up nicely into a compact little carrying case and we hang them by the front door;

Who knew bladder control came in such a cute little package?

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