We’re 3 weeks in to summer vacation up here and I’m pooped already.
100 Things 2 Do is keeping me honest in that I haven’t been relying on TV as much.
I’m truly trying to make everything on our summer bucket list come to fruition…

but I need a day off.

The girls need a day off.

This is where our amazing backyard playground comes in.
Ahhhhhh- Maze – ing!  (did you catch that sigh?)

I say that because we found it on Kijiji and it looked like this:

Forgive the photo – we took it on the iPhone so we could remember how to put the thing back together again.
Not bad.
We bought it for $250.
Yes, those are 6×6 posts and solid metal climbing pieces…
Truthfully – $250!
The person selling it just wanted it dismantled and gone – clearly she didn’t know how much backyard playgrounds go for.
I wasn’t going to tell her!
We picked up an extra slide for $20 (again from Kijiji), a hammock to use as a small swing underneath, and enough rope to create our own cargo net and 

Hubby added two more 6×6 posts so that the monkey bars could run along our fence.

He moved all the climbing apparatuses to the front so that we could put the playground in the back corner of our yard (instead of in the centre), and I spray painted the metal pieces in primary colours to brighten it up.

As you can see, it gets A LOT of use…
ALL year long:

Here’s the side by side;

Today’s to-do…
Caesar’s and guacamole for me,  playground and pool for the girls.
Sounds like a fair deal?!



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I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.

Have a great one!