Since finishing the girl’s bathroom a few months ago, I’ve been on the lookout for a narrow shelving unit to add to it.
The girls are getting to the age where they won’t share their personal items – nail polish, skin cream, even hairbands some days, so I knew eventually they’d need extra storage for all of their “girly” things.

I wanted something narrow and light – not a heavy piece or anything too chunky as the bathroom is pretty narrow and doesn’t have a lot of extra space.

I was looking for something along these lines:

Seville Classics 4-Tier Iron Sqaure Tower Shelf (Cda)

Organize It All Metro 4-Tier Shelf (16984) (US)


or maybe this:
Zenith Studio Accents Linen Tower, Chrome (Cda)
Zenna Home 9058SS, Linen Tower, Chrome/Glass  (US)

I was over at my Mom’s before Christmas and she was showing me something in her basement, when I saw an old metal shelving tower that I had when I was in University.  (In this instance, my Mom’s hoarding paid off!)

She let me bring it home and I put it in the girl’s bathroom;
Narrow 4 tier bookshelf in black

Just about perfect right?  Right height, right depth and width – but the black is a bit of an eyesore in my grey and brushed-nickel bathroom.

Fortunately, I know this chick that likes to paint!

Scrub it down with some TSP then rinse and dry.  This cleaner removes any previous build up of windex, grease or anything that will interfere with the paint adhering smoothly.
Photograph of T.S.P. carton

Then a very light coat of Rustoleum’s satin finish, brushed nickel spray paint.  (My local HomeDepot had it in stock)

First coat: 
Bathroom shelf 33

I ended up doing three coats, but could have stopped at two as the coverage was gorgeous.

Narrow bathroom shelf after two coats of nickel spray paint

With the freezing temperatures here, it took a long time to dry between coats.  Just to be certain, when it was no longer tacky, I gave it another two days indoors to cure before I put anything on it.

Bathroom tower shelf staged with little girl toiletries on it.

Pretty cute right?
Maddie wanted her nail polish on display and Chloe wanted her brush and hairbands – so the only ‘styling’ I got to do was put a couple of towels on the bottom – but at least all of this is off of their counter and tidied up.
Bathroom shelf 1

The brushed nickel turned out really well and is less ‘in-your-face’ than the black.  It now coordinates more closely to the towel bars and even the paint colour.

Before and after photo - in 1st shot bookshelf in black, in second shot in brushed nickel and staged with toiletries

Thanks Mom for your “keepsake” issues – you just saved me somewhere between $50 and $150!


Have a great one!

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