I’m slowly working my way through the furniture warehouse in my garage.
I’m turning out one to two projects per week, but it feels slow when the garage is so full we can’t move in it.

This project ended up taking more steps than usual.

It was in rough shape, but I didn’t realize just how rough;

There were layers of paint, 


and drawer bottoms beyond redemption.


In fact, the top drawer was seized shut because the bottom of it blocked it from opening.
I actually had to smash the drawer in order to get it free.



 That dark brown crud you see is paint stripper mixed with the original stain and varnish that was on this piece.
Thick, gooey sludge – but the wood is beginning to peek through.


A thorough sanding – from 60 grit all the way up to 150 grit.


This is the application of the wood conditioner – it’s amazing how just this light wipe adds such richness to the wood.


I stained the top and drawers with a dark chestnut stain.  It only took one coat to get this gorgeous colour.


Then a coat of Revere Pewter (BM) on the rest of the frame.


Because I had to smash the top drawer out, there wasn’t much left to put back in.
Instead I had Hubby cut me a piece of MDF to fit the bottom of where the top drawer would have been.
I gave it a coat of paint before inserting just to make life easier.


I screwed it into place from the bottom up so that you wouldn’t see screw holes on the shelf.

A little wood filler to hide the seam and then it was ready for taping off…
I wanted to try a glitter paint that Benjamin Moore puts out, but I only wanted it for grain striping.


I think it needs another stripe, but just in case it became too much, I stopped at “less is more”.


 I lightly sanded down the stripe so it would be smooth to the finish and then varnished over the stained sections.


New hardware, new drawer bottoms and a final coat;


It’s a small shelf in the top section, but it would be ideal as a media console.
You could also lay some books on the shelf or put in some small, rectangular baskets to house accessories.

Now that I think of it, this would make a GREAT nightstand.
It would be large, but fantastic for storage!


Two days start to finish.

You too could have a new piece of furniture by next weekend (Janice & Lara I’m speaking to you!)
It’s easy, I promise.


Have a great one!

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