I saw a post on Pinterest that showed the transformation from the standard, builder’s interior doors to more “sophisticated” or “elegant” black doors…

Well I’ve been sitting on the idea for months – maybe even months and months.  I just couldn’t decide if I wanted to try it out or not.

Well, this convinced me:

Black door 1

My bedroom door has seen better days – and between all of the pictures we’ve stuck to it and all of the furniture we’ve moved (obviously not very carefully) through it – it was time.

Black door 2

Should you decide to follow suit – I thought I’d share what I learned as far as “how to paint doors”.

Start with the panels – edges and interior first.

Black door 3
Black door 4

Second step is to paint all the way down the middle – from the top of the panels to the bottom.
Next go across (horizontally) through the middle.  Again, stop where the panel edges start and stop.

Black door 5

Finally, go around the perimeter.  
I like when the sides have the long brushstrokes from top to bottom, so I go from top edge to bottom, then I just fill in the horizontal edges in between.

This is two coats later:

Black door 6

Another thing to note – using a paintbrush and long, smooth strokes will give you a more glossy finish.  That’s how I like my front door.

Using a roller – as I did here – will give you a softer finish, but you won’t have any brush strokes.

Totally up to you which you prefer.

Black door 7

What do you think?  
Is it more elegant/sophisticated?
Should I do the other doors in the house?

Black Door BandA

Visions Graphic Artistry by Ang

Have a great one!

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