This was another piece from my Grandmother’s house.
As soon as I saw it I was pumped!

Blue dresser 1

Obviously it wasn’t looks that had me excited; but the piece is wood, you don’t see dressers on tall legs much anymore and I had nothing to lose if I screwed up.

This is the ideal piece of furniture if you want to try out refinishing.

Worst case scenario, it would be the prettiest potting bench around!

Blue dresser 2

I’m pretty sure this lived in a dark corner of her basement.  It certainly wasn’t a piece she had out for company, and I’m guessing it had something heavy sitting on top based on the fact that someone attempted to paint around it.

There were a few coats of paint on this one, so I did need to strip;

Blue dresser 4

and a rubdown (with sandpaper);

Blue dresser 5

but once it was naked wood again, you could see the beauty.  All the scars in the wood are perfect –  it creates the gorgeous patina.  
(okay, enough innuendoes)

I wanted to try something different with this piece, so I decided to stain and paint it…

Blue dresser 6

Just leftover paint and stain from other projects, but they really do look sharp together don’t they?
And check out these knobs I found at Home Depot for $0.99 each!

Blue dresser 7

You’ve got to appreciate a cheap and yet cute knob!
(last one, I promise)

It’s really a striking piece now.

Blue dresser 9
Blue dresser 8

I’m so pleased with how this turned out, and better yet, my Grandmother had two of these (both in equally rough condition), so I get to play again on the second one!

Blue Dresser BandA 1
Blue Dresser BandA 2
Blue Dresser BandA 3

 Have a great one!

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