It’s been awhile since I’ve posted furniture… and I’ve been aching to get back in the garage to get something done – but the humidity of late has been awful.

Terrible for my pre-menopausal “tropical moments” and terrible for drying paint and/or stain.

This past weekend we got a break – and I took the opportunity and ran with it! 

This was my Grandma’s dresser.

honey coloured dresser

She had the entire bedroom set – all of which is now living in my garage awaiting a little TLC.

I don’t know many furniture names, but I was told Gibbard is/was a fantastic brand.  Regardless of name, this piece is solid wood, the drawers slide like they’re on glass and the drawers are in stellar condition.

This piece (and it’s matchers) aren’t leaving my house.

BUT, like all furniture – time has taken a small toll on the finish.

dresser top showing wear and tear

Little nicks and dents, furniture polish build up and even oil from hands leave layers on layers of “gunk”.

It needed a little clean up – and a more up-to-date colour.

side of dresser


The wood grain on this is gorgeous, so it would be a tragedy to paint over it.
Which means sanding right down to the ‘bone’.

dresser drawers after sanding

I don’t think I’ve ever shown this before, but this is my “Little Man”.

(click image for pricing)

It is far and away the most used tool in my garage.

We’ve had it for years and even when I’ve destroyed it – DeWalt has replaced the parts and done the repairs on it FOR FREE!

I love my Little Man.  If you’re thinking of refinishing furniture – I HIGHLY recommend this tool – both the sander and the manufacturer.

I digress…
the stain I chose this time was from Cabot and is a grey colour.

The first coat always looks awful;

dresser drawers after first coat of grey stain


dresser top after first coat of grey stain

but by the time you get the second coat on, you can see a dramatic improvement (the front drawer only has 1 coat).

dresser drawers after second coat of stain

Three coats total, and because the Cabot brand has a sealer right in the stain I didn’t have to varnish!

If you are looking for this stain, this is the closest version I could find:

(click image for pricing)

It’s important that you ask for the “water-borne, interior stain” and not the tinted deck stain.  It comes pre-tinted and I found mine at Lowe’s.  The colour is called “Driftwood gray”.

dresser in pieces on the garage floor

It’s a nice contemporary grey colour but you can still see the wood grain through it.

I’m really pleased.

finished dresser in bedroom


finished dresser in bedroom, side angle

A little before and after shot:

before and after photos of dresser

Not too shabby for $2 in sand paper and $12 in stain right?


Have a great one!

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