Have you noticed that any bookshelves you find anymore are all laminate, mdf crap?

I know when I’m looking to refinish one, it’s almost impossible to find one that’s solid wood.
Sure, you can refinish laminate furniture, but it’s not the same quality finish.  I don’t think the paint adheres as well and so I doubt that the paint lasts as long as it would on a wood piece.
Maybe I’m wrong?
Regardless, when I do find a wood shelf I’m giddy to work on it.

This little guy was no exception;


It’s not made of a fancy oak or anything, but it is wood – which means that I can give it a good sanding to smooth out any dents, scratches and watermarks.


Smoooooooooooooth as a baby’s bum! lol


A friend wanted a small bookshelf to fit underneath her daughter’s bedroom window and she wanted it in a custom colour blue/turquoise.

First coat:


and three coats later and it looks GORGEOUS!

I guess this is the same colour as Kaitlyn’s bedroom door, so this will be a nice accent to tie the room together.


I was tempted to put a giant “K” monogram in the back of it, but it’s not my shelf… and I guess the books would have covered it over anyways (but it would have been cute!)

Updated:  July 2/2014
Just found this on Better Homes and Gardens!
Look familiar?

Have a great one!

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