So, Hubby and I had the deal to clean out the garage and unload all of the unfinished furniture that has been sitting there…  un-finished.

Then a friend posted a photo on Facebook of an old dresser she was unloading – for $20!
That’s like putting a chocolate in front of my lips and telling me not to eat it… not going to happen.

Hubby was less than impressed that no sooner had we unloaded one dresser than another “moved in”. lol

But look at this baby:

Navy grainstripe 01

It has “Potential” stamped all over it!
Plus it has LEGS – and I don’t get many dressers with legs on them – so it was double incentive.

Navy grainstripe 02

Unfortunately, the photos don’t tell the whole story…

It looks like wood – but it’s actually a 1950’s/60’s dresser – where they put on a plastic-coated wood veneer.  Do you remember?  Like the plastic-type kitchen table you had at Grandma’s?  With the metal trim all around the edge?
Kind of like that anyways.
Which meant I couldn’t sand it down and stain it as I’d planned.
In fact, when I did do a light sanding to get the shiny plastic coating off, I found these spots… I’ve never seen anything like this before so I don’t know what to tell you it is?  I’m guessing water damage that has since dried out?

Navy grainstripe 03

Anyways, I got it as close to the ‘bones’ as I could.

Navy grainstripe 05

The handles were unique as well, so I wanted to keep them – but the brass finish had seen better days.
Time to try silver!
I did about 4 (light) coats of the silver and left it to dry in the sun for a couple of days.

Navy grainstripe 08

While they were drying, the beast got a coat of navy blue, with greige legs.

Navy grainstripe 19

I could have stopped here – it might have been cute with the shiny new handles – but I’ve already done a navy dresser, so it wouldn’t be a very entertaining read to see the same thing again right?

Grain sack stripes it is!

I placed the painter’s tape along the top and down the front of the dresser creating the centre section first (measuring 6″ / 15.25cm wide).

Once that was in place, I outlined the narrower grain stripes with painters tape 1″ (2.5cm) outside of the previous tape lines.

I used a putty knife to really seal the tape to the surface of the dresser in the hopes that it would stop any paint bleed (it mostly did).

Navy grainstripe 20

Then I rolled on the same greige from the legs – in a couple of light coats – between the green outlines.

Truthfully, I like the look with the green as well – I may have to add another stripe to this after all.

Navy grainstripe 22

Carefully peel your tape off, do any touch-ups you need and add the handles.

Navy grainstripe 24

I’m loving how it turned out!

Navy grainstripe 25

One more saved from the dump!

Navy Grainstripe BandA



  Have a great one!

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