Tired of cleaning posts?

Me too.

if you think it’s redundant to read them – try having to DO them all. lol

I needed a reward for my clean grills and windows – time to refinish something!

This nightstand looks like it was hand built – as in not a retail piece.

There was still a pencil line underneath the varnish showing someone’s measuring marks. 

Me thinks another “JK” original?

Gray nightstand 1

Time to bring this bad-boy back to his glory!

Gray nightstand 2

I wanted to try a new product on this one; it’s a grey stain, but it’s different than anything I’ve used before.

Start with the requisite sand-down.

Gray nightstand 3

I used a semi solid stain made by Cabot – the colour is called Driftwood Gray.

It was interesting… although it’s called a “stain” you don’t treat it in exactly the same way.

This one is treated as more of a paint than a stain in that you paint it on, DON’T wipe it off, but instead sand with 600 grit between coats so that the wood grain will show through.

Gray nightstand 5

The more coats you put on, the darker the colour.
This one has three coats of the grey on it – and no varnish.
The finish is glossy – as though it has a varnish already in it?

Gray nightstand 7

It takes a bit of getting used to, but this stain is water washable (which I love) and the colour assortment is ridonkulous!

Their in-store advertising photo shows a three-drawer dresser done in black stain, with one red, one orange and one yellow stained drawer (I may have to try that!)

It’s really eye-catching!

Gray nightstand 6

It’s a bit tough to tell in these photos, but in person you can still see the wood grain showing through.

Forgive my fluctuating between “grey” and “gray” – the British version of the word is “grey”, but the US version is with the “a” – Cabot is an American company, but my spell-check is English.

  Have a great one!

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