This is a monster of a desk.
Long, deep – and just overall HUGE.
It was the executive desk that my Step-Dad used to use at his office – I’m going to guesstimate and say it’s been there for 20+ years.
Mom's desk 07

When my Step-Dad retired, he moved certain pieces of furniture from his office to his home.
Unfortunately, with the size of this piece it ended up a little worse for the move.
Not only was there about 20 years of furniture polish on it, the expected water stains, some scuffs, and now chips and scratches from the move.

Mom's desk 05
Mom's desk 07
Mom's desk 08

My parents asked if I thought this might be something I could tackle, and I’m not going to lie – I was nervous.

This desk is old, and expensive and humungous, and expensive…. but I said I’d try anyways.

Did I mention that this piece was expensive?  Not my usual refinishing project where I have nothing to lose.

I started out by sanding.
5 HOURS straight of sanding – but I finally made it down to the bare wood.
You can hear the desk just gasping for breath can’t you – after all those coats of furniture polish suffocating it?

Perhaps I should quit animating furniture.

Mom's desk 09

Having said that, the desk did drink up the wood conditioner coat.

Mom's desk 21

 Then stain.

Mom's desk 23

Two coats of stain and it’s looking pretty gorgeous if you ask me.

Mom's desk 25
Then a couple of coats of varnish to seal it all in.
(It’s still wet in this shot)
Mom's desk 31
What do you think?
desk 1
I’ve got to go with “much better”
Mom's Desk BandA
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