We had an AMAZING weekend here in SW Ontario!

Sunny, warm – absolutely GLORIOUS – and I actually had a chance to get out to the garage and do a little refinishing.

It’s a goofy hobby, I know, but I find it therapeutic;
nothing to think or worry about except the project in front of you, the feel of sanding something baby-bum-smooth, and then the gratification of a before and after.

Plus, you’re outside all day enjoying the fresh air while the kids ride bikes or what have you.

Today I’m only going to show a little project, because I was working on two things at the same time and the bigger one isn’t quite finished yet.

This was a small side table that resided at my Grandmother’s house.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been wish-listing a lot of round side tables lately, so this was a project I wanted to work on right away.

I painted this one, so I didn’t need to do a deep sanding on it – just enough to get out any scratches and to rough up the surface a bit.

While I was sanding it, I noticed some little initials carved into the underside of the table…  “JK”

I guess this little table was a high school woodshop project that my Uncle did, and that my Grandmother kept all these years!

Well, I’d like to keep it too, and since I’d already sanded it, I had to move forward with the paint;

Pretty good lathe-work Jim!

It’s still in the garage drying right now, or I’d show a ‘staged shot’ of it with a book and cup of tea on it.

Round table BandA 2
Round table BandA

Not bad for a half hour’s work.

 Have a great one!

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