Good Morning!

I’m pretty giddy today…

The sun is out with no humidity, my wisteria are in full bloom, I just devoured my venti chai latte and I’m not going to lie to you – I’m eating a bag of M&M’s for lunch.

Perhaps the giddiness is the sugar rush?

I don’t care – I’ll take it.

I have been slaving away in the garage lately trying to get some painting projects done – one of which ended up being a bit more work than I had planned for…. but wait until you see the result!

But not today.

Today is a little sewing seat that was in my Grandmother’s basement.


A little scratched and scuffed and the cushion is a little dated (and smells like moth balls) – so I thought I’d make it into a portable stool/side table that you could put next to a chair to hold your tea and magazines (that you never get a chance to enjoy).


And look who came out to the garage to join me?

My girls love to use “real paint”.
No crayola for these two – they are desperate to use the stuff that ruins clothes and doesn’t wash out easily…

Just like Mommy.


The tongue sticking out while she works and the paint all over her leg and clothes is “just like Mommy too”. lol


Back to the stool – sand and prime.


Then two coats of Benjamin Moore’s “Revere Pewter“, which they advertise as a soft grey with warm undertones – but seems to look beige at my house?


Some updated fabric to reupholster the cushion seat and done!


You’re going to be sick of projects like these over the next week or so – but I’m loving them!


Speaking of – I’ve been asked by a few people if I would do a class on refinishing furniture.

If you are in the London area – would you be interested in attending?  Bring your own piece and we can work through it as a group to give you your own before and after?

 Have a great one!

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