I’m working on a  big project.

Not a difficult project, but one that is super time-consuming because it has to be done piecemeal between blogging, taking care of kids and the rest of daily life.

I’ve decided it’s time to re-do our family room – and I’m super-excited!

If you’ve been reading the blog for a bit, you might remember that I’ve already painted the bookshelves – or rather, I painted the backs of the bookshelves here.

That wasn’t enough.

Surfing Pinterest and Houzz has me pining for a new palette – and grey is calling my name.

First piece;  my sofa table.


Hubby made this for me a few years ago using these plans.  He made a few changes so that mine could be 7 feet long (the length of our longest couch).

At the time, I wanted a black unit, so I chose BM’s Black Bean Soup.  For whatever reason, it does/did not look black in our house at all.

Maybe the west light?  Maybe a mis-tint?
Whichever, it looked dark brown and bugged me.

Step one of transformation family room – tackle the sofa table:


I have to give credit where credit is due and say that the new colour I chose was entirely because of the Wastell Dream home of a year or so back.

The colour on the built-ins in this ensuite is called Metropolis and is stunning.

(remember if you are painting cabinets or furniture to use BM’s “Advance” formula and not wall paint)

I’ve been pining for two years – it’s time…


It’s funny how this colour changes with the light.
Above it’s dark, but below it appears to be a light grey?


Either way, I love it!


Now my new candle holders are in trend with the sofa table colour and step 1 is complete!

Except I need to find where the girls hid those last two baskets?


Digging them out of some toy box or closet might be more difficult than refinishing the entire unit.

 Have a great one!

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