So my exercise ball chair isn’t working for me.
I gave it a year, but I’ve still managed to find a way to slouch and as the air slowly seeps out of it, I end up with shoulder pain as well (reaching up to work the mouse).
It’s so gradual, you don’t notice it until everything is in knots. I’ve been to a chiropractor about it and he’s recommended a mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain so I’ll look into that when I can. Hopefuly, I’m making enough changes that these issues will go away.

So, it’s time to switch chairs.

Yoga/exercise ball to Maddie, steno chair to me.

Steno chair 01

I recovered this chair to fit in with Madison’s hot pink room.

Doesn’t quite go with my grey office.

Time to recover (again).

If you’re wondering how to recover a steno chair, it’s actually quite easy AND it has the added benefit of a backing to hide any mistakes you might make.

First you’ll need to find the screws on the chair back,

Steno chair 03

and on the bottom of the seat.

Unscrew and remove the plastic pieces.

Steno chair 04

You’ll want to remove the old upholstery that was on the chair so that you’re not carrying the dust or mold or anything into the new fabric.

Steno chair 05

Cut your new material to be about 3″ wider than the frame you’re covering. Worst case you can cut it off in the end, but it’s better to have too much than too little.

Centre the pattern on the chair and then staple each of the four sides into place.

From there, gradually work your way around the seat splitting distances and putting a staple.
(Put staples in the corners, then another half way between the corner and the centre staple, then halfway between those sections, then half again until the entire piece is stapled into place)

Steno chair 06

Repeat the same procedure on the chair seat, and then screw the plastic shell back into place.

Steno chair 09


Steno chair 10

I had this done in less than 30 minutes.

Heck, with it being that easy, you could even make it a seasonal chair – replacing the fabric with each Holiday or event?!

Okay, maybe overkill.

For now, we’ll go with blue and beige.

Steno chair 11

Steno Chair BandA 2

I do still think the zebra heels and hot pink are pretty cute.

Steno Chair BandA

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Have a great one!

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