Sometimes my furniture makeovers are strictly for entertainment purposes only.
I want to bring you something fresh and different, or I see a technique I’d like to try myself and show you (if it works).
In doing this, I take a gamble.
Not a giant gamble in that most of the pieces I have were free or extremely inexpensive, but a gamble in that I can’t unload the finished piece and am then stuck with a garage full of finished furniture.
This was one such case:
I couldn’t seem to sell it as a black night stand with a neat drawer design, but I did find someone that was looking for a pair of white night stands – so I made over my makeover.
This next night stand was a bit of a different case;  I told Madison she could have it for all of her Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Truth is, I knew she would lose interest fairly quickly, so it was just a ploy to get her to come and work with me on a project.
I showed her how to use the electric sander and I helped her with the priming and then her creativity took off! 


True to my expectation, she got this far and was bored.
I let it sit in the garage for a few weeks to see if she’d comment that she wanted it for her toys, or that she was interested in finishing it up, but nothing.

So I stripped it down again, and primed it again and made it into a coordinating white night stand for the person that was interested in having it.


I guess I’m posting this to show you that no matter what you do to the furniture, it’s fixable.
Paint it coral this year, then sand it and paint it turquoise next year.
You could have a statement piece that’s on trend every single year with minimal cost and only a small investment of time.


Alternatively, maybe you’ll just look and garage sale finds in a different light?

Have a great one!

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