If you’ve followed my blog at all you’ve probably seen the desk that I attempted “Antique Silvering” on.

Well, it sold right away and the person that bought it asked me if I could do her chair to match it.

If I said I was tentative it would be an understatement.

All the pieces I’ve done so far, I’ve done as a hobby, I just hoped they’d sell. 

I’ve never done a “commissioned” piece.

Would she like it?
What if she didn’t?
What if I ruined her chair and then had to pay HER? 

Turns out, it turned out!  (Whew)

As you can see in the “Before” below – it had nice lines – but that’s about all that was going fur it. lol

Check it out:


And a little side-by-side for my Pinterest board:

 Have a great one!