[This article was originally posted in July 2013]


I know, I know – another desk?!
But I loved this desk.
I bought it for $30.

It was huge.

But I loved it still…

My diamond in the rough.

I decided not to paint this one, but to use a stain with a polyurethane all-in-one.

I went with black because – although I planned on stripping it down and sanding it – I wasn’t sure how deep some of it’s stains would go.

Black desk, desk makeover, refinished desk, painted desk
Look at him!
My black beauty – complete with new hardware!
Isn’t he GORGEOUS!
Black desk, desk makeover, refinished desk, painted desk
My black desk with pull-outs?!  
Be still my heart!
It’s wrong how attached I get to this stuff isn’t it?
Here’s the “magic juice” that transformed my black desk;
If I could have fit this bad boy down my staircase, he would have come to live with me in my little studio…
but alas.
Now he’s helping a Medical Resident prepare for his board exams.
Can’t say I didn’t do my share in saving a life eh? lol 
  Have a great one!
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