I was doing some housecleaning on the blog recently and found some ‘treasures’ that I thought could be brought out of the archives and back into the spotlight.

Granted, the photo quality and editing are still reflective of my early days as a blogger, but the content is good – so I hope you’ll join me for “Flashback Week”!

Someone (who was studying neurology at the time) once told me that there are two kinds of brains;  

  • an “immature brain” that likes immediate gratification eg. mowing the lawn, painting a room, making a craft.
  • and a “mature brain” that can hold off on the gratification for a larger end goal eg. studying years to become a physician, writing a novel, tending a garden.

I fully admit that I have an “immature brain”.  I love before and afters and live for instant gratitude.
I like mowing the lawn and seeing the perfect stripes.  I don’t think there is a room in the house that hasn’t been repainted at least once since we moved in, and I like to refinish furniture.

I thought I could make a go of it as a business and so started accumulating bits and pieces at garage sales, stripped them down and re-did them like new…. but after taking into account all the hours I put in – I’m definitely in the hole.

On the upside, I do have these beautiful before and afters to share;

This is a dining room hutch that I found through Kijiji.  I bought it for $125 planning to dismantle it…

What I wanted was a free-standing bookcase for my bedroom…
and a bar with a faux-granite top for entertaining. 

This desk was also a Kijiji steal at $25
And look at this beauty now! Perfect for a small bedroom or to use as a make-up vanity!
More to come…