Like many of you, my laundry room is in the basement.

While I’d love to have a gorgeous laundry room the likes of Houzz or Pinterest photos, it’s just not a priority.

I don’t like doing laundry enough to invest a kabazillion dollars into a room I don’t particularly want to spend much time in.

On the other hand, the laundry does have to be folded.

Time to improvise!

$10 cabinet – with a super-cute retro counter;

And a little yellow and gray to brighten up a dreary room;

Funny story about this piece;
It wasn’t until finishing this one up that I realized the importance of protective eyewear…

I had popped the little circle pulls out of the sliding doors on the bottom and was trying to strip the old paint off.  Somehow, very typical of me, I managed to splash varsol into my eye while doing it.

Truly typical I’m embarrassed to say.

Let me tell you from experience, varsol hurts.

Like a sonofa…

You get the idea.

Thank goodness Hubby was home to carry my thrashing body to the nearest sink to rinse it out.

Lesson learned – the hard way of course.

I didn’t bother putting cute woven baskets into it to style it up.
I live in reality, and let’s be honest – there’s a litter box right next to it – how glamorous does it really need to be?

I added castors to the bottom so that I could wheel it right over to the dryer for folding.

Even Milo thinks it’s the cat’s ass!

Ah, that made me laugh!

  Have a great one!