It’s the weekend!

Here’s a little something to think over while you’re out Garage Sale-ing…
Look at things for their potential.  Could you repurpose something inexpensive into something fantastic for your kids?

Hubby loves it when I find these ideas on Pinterest!
It means he gets the enjoyment of cutting and drilling on his day off!

I found these night-stands at garage sales in the area.  
I think I paid $10 each?

The first one I wanted to try to make one of those adorable kitchenettes you see online all the time.

  •  I hit the Dollarama and bought a couple of wooden trivets and a mixing bowl.
  • I posted an ad on Kijiji in the wanted section for a used sink faucet.
  • Then I hit Canadian Tire and bought some replacement knobs for a stove.


Not wanting to leave the boys out I thought I’d take this idea and “evolve” it a little…
I mean what little guy doesn’t want a work bench like Daddy?

  • I picked up the tools at another garage sale for about $1.
  • Peg board and hooks from Home Depot and…


The first I donated to a pre-school in the area and the other went as a gift to a friend.

Your turn!  What goodies did you come across?