I was doing some housecleaning on the blog recently and found some ‘treasures’ that I thought could be brought out of the archives and back into the spotlight.

Granted, the photo quality and editing is still reflective of my early days as a blogger, but the content is good – so I hope you’ll join me for “Flashback Week”!

I love desks.

I love them because they appease the OCD organizer in me… I mean all those drawers!  
And if they have secret compartments inside those drawers?  HEAVEN!

I also like them because they are inexpensive to buy, easy to refinish and quick to flip.

I have a “rule” that I sometimes follow…  

(Ah, that made me laugh!)

I won’t buy a desk for more than $30.  
There are a million and one out there, so if you’re looking – haggle, or hold out until someone lists it out of desperation to clean out their basement.

This one had a veneer on it – which I really hate because you can’t strip these bad-boys down –
but the handles were fantastic so I thought I’d give it a shot;

Something about an off-white desk just screams refreshing doesn’t it?
I mean that’s how Pottery Barn stays in business right?

This one was smaller and I thought I’d go the other direction to see if black was as easy on the eyes;

It’s almost better isn’t it?  
Masculine, contemporary, crisp and clean.
Maybe I just like the thought of it not being susceptible to crayon and marker stains? lol

It’s the weekend!  Go on out and find yourself a $20 desk and see if you can get that “Before and After” endorphin buzz!