Before and After – Office Makeover

I feel badly for Hubby.

As much as every room in this house is his – and he does mess up every single room – he doesn’t have a “sanctuary” of his own.

His office was supposed to be “his” space.

I was supposed to stay out.

But look at how this man lives:

It might not look too bad in the photo, but in actuality the entire wall is covered with nail holes and paint chips.

At least half of all of those diplomas are mine.

Perhaps his space isn’t where I should be ‘bragging’?

This is the other part of his desk.  
I bought him a credenza for his last birthday in the hopes that he would actually file. Even though that idea obviously didn’t work, as the photos show, a friend of mine did recommend that we check out a site like to hopefully find a solution. This time paperless. That could be the answer to finally not having paperwork lying around anymore!

I don’t think he caught my hint.

This is the gorgeous window seat he built a few years ago.
Again, the hope was that if he had more storage space he would use it.
I should have been more specific on how he used it I guess?

This is the main family computer, so I do come in here to pay bills and blog etc.
Finding room on the desk is a constant battle.

The Wendel Clark jersey was my wedding gift to him.  
He’s a huge Maple Leaf’s fan, and my maiden name was Clark.  Sort of a joke really – but he’s very kindly kept it up.

Maybe I should let him choose his own artwork?

We had a deal that I wouldn’t touch anything in his office and he would keep the door closed so that I didn’t have to see this catastrophe.

But I’ve been ITCHING to get in there and ‘make it better’.

He left Monday for work meetings out of town.

He’s going to be gone all week.

He left the office door open.

That’s like putting chocolate in front of my mouth and telling me not to eat it.



So I did.

I found the paint when I organized it all into mason jars – so I kept the same colour.

He likes the colour and now all the nail holes and chips are filled.

I haven’t put any art on the walls.
I’m going to let him decide what stays and goes.
Generous of me eh?

A clean slate.
A blank canvas.
I can breathe again.

(The photo on the computer is all of us with mustaches super-imposed on.  It may be our Christmas card this year. lol)

I left the “moving men” coasters underneath the credenza – 
1. because I was too tired to pry them out and 
2. just in case he comes home and decides to move everything back.

Here are the before and afters so you can get a perspective of the changes by wall:

Don’t be angry baby.
I promise I didn’t throw any of your paperwork out.


 There is only room for one crazy person in this relationship and I already have the job.
Have a great one!

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