One of the many perks of writing a blog, is that friends and family know what you like to do.

They offer up ideas and suggestions, and sometimes they even offer up furniture.

Yup, I get quite a few offers of free furniture.

Granted they are usually pieces of crap before I get them, many from the curb on garbage day, but they are free and they have potential.

I have great friends.

This is an item my friend Youjin dropped off last week; a “one night stand”.

This was an easy project.

I completed it (not including drying time between coats) in 2 hours.

Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!

I sanded down the peeling finish to the bare wood.
Then I used a stain with polyurethane in one.
Once dry, I sanded lightly and coated again.

A new handle, some paint accents and it’s as good as new!

We really didn’t need another nightstand, but I thought it would make a good drop station near the front door for homework, library books and our dish of keys.

Pretty cute even if I do say so myself!

The before and after:

Thank you Youjin – you are wonderful!

Have a great one!

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