Being unorganized is expensive!

It’s true.
If you think organizing is just about being able to find things, you’re wrong…
because when you can’t find things, you usually end up buying more.

Case in point – my bathroom cabinet.

Perhaps it doesn’t qualify for an episode of “Hoarders”, but it did house a lot of stuff.
Stuff that I didn’t even know was in there.

I found loofahs (scrubbies), skin cream, bottles of shampoo and conditioner, mousse (and I don’t use mousse) and oodles of nail polish.

Because it was cluttered, I didn’t notice how my stash had grown – so I kept buying more shampoo and conditioner, and more scrubbies.

Time for a purge.
Empty the entire cabinet out and give it a good wipe down.
Just shifting things here and there won’t help the purge – you really have to take each and every thing out and go through it one by one.

Group like with like and find a way to corral them into one consolidated location.

For me – WAAAAAY too many nail polishes – particularly since I rarely ever paint my nails.

Two small baskets, and a purge of colours I’ll never wear, got me organized.

Next, fill the existing shampoo and conditioner bottles with the stash I had under the cupboard.  They were giant bottles and were only half-filled, so it was an easy consolidation.

Put the scrubbies in the shower and get rid of the old, funky ones.

Finally, and I hated to do this, but I had to purge all the skin creams that I thought I might use someday.
Some have been stashed there for years, so the reality was I was never going to use them.  Someday had come and gone.

If you have unopened toiletries, your local shelter, or Ronald McDonald House will take them.

Now I know exactly what I have and won’t be wasting money on repeat items.

Five minutes – that’s all you need to commit to organizing one small space.

Have a great one!

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