I love this wreath.

I mean, I reeeeeeeeaaaaally love it.

My Mom made one a few years ago and I’ve been waiting for her to get tired of it and throw it out.

No such luck.

BUT she did have the supplies stockpiled away to make more….

She just never got around to it.

Which means I GOT IT!  Wahooo!

I did have to pick up a couple of foam wreath rings, but the rest were provided by “Nana”.

 You do need to wrap the foam with ribbon.  This is so that the green doesn’t show through the gaps in the berries, and to give the hot glue something to adhere to.  (The styrofoam melts)

For my first attempt, I thought I’d try making it with scrap pieces of ribbon.

I have a container in the basement that has ends in it – and you know my saying – “Go with what you’ve got!”

  Maybe not.

That’s a lot of pattern that will show through.

No worries – I had spray paint!


While you’re waiting for the spray paint to dry (if you choose to use this method), you can cut the berries from the stems.

It took 22 stems of berries to make one wreath.

Once these are ready, you can begin gluing.

I started at the outside edge so that the berries would be flat in line with the back of the wreath.

Then you just continue to fill row on row placing the next berries in the gaps from the row before.

When you’re done, you will notice some small gaps that the larger berries didn’t fill.

I bought one stem of a smaller-type-berry to fill those spaces in.

If you look closely you’ll see them.

You won’t when it’s hung.

Whaddaya think?!

For round two, I thought I’d splurge on a roll of red ribbon (to save on the spray-painting step.

Wrap and glue down.

For this second wreath, I put a second ribbon wrapped around the top with long tails for hanging.

Then hot glue your berries as before;

 I kind of like the one above.

If you added a bow, you could easily hang this one and no one would be the wiser that this wasn’t the intended project.

(I was tempted)

But the first one looked so good…

Cost breakdown:
23 stems of berries at $1.29 a stem = $28.38
Less my Michael’s 40% off coupon  = $17.03
Foam wreath form  (less 40% coupon)  = $5.99
Ribbon on sale  = $4.50
Total for 1 wreath = $27.52

AND it took less than two hours to make!

Did I mention that I LOVE this wreath?

Have a great one!

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