I think I came across Osmo through a Facebook feed? I don’t usually follow apps, or even technology really – and except for the blog and a slight Candy Crush addiction, I don’t use the computer for much else. The girls use it sometimes to watch a certain youtube video, especially if their friends have recommended something fun. Most kid’s entertainment seems to be online now anyway so I just sit back and watch them play.

That’s a lie – I forgot about Pinterest.

Regardless, the feed I saw stated that the game “Osmo” was rated one of the top inventions of 2014 by Time Magazine. That’s a pretty powerful endorsement – so I looked into it further and saw this:

Chloe LOVES to draw. Madison does too, but Miss Chloe is constantly drawing me pictures and is showing a real talent for it, so I was sure she’d go crazy for this game.

We agreed, the girls and I, to forego our usual chocolate coma from Easter and instead get them the Osmo as their Easter gift.

I won’t lie – it’s a bit pricey for the pieces – $99 Cdn, but I promise you it’s money well spent. The site promises that it’s for everyone from 6 to 96.

Not only does the game have the drawing app “Masterpiece” (all apps are free, you just need the mirror to make them work), it also has a puzzle game “Tangram” and our favourite is a “Words” game sort of like wheel of fortune.

Osmo - iPad game for the whole family. SO MUCH FUN!

The kids can play by themselves, or against each other and Osmo can tell which letter is who’s and even keeps score. You progress through levels, and there is a range from Junior all the way up to what I would say is impossible – but that’s the challenge of it.

I’ll warn you – this game becomes physical. The kids were shoving me and my letters out of the way to get theirs in front of the mirror first.

Talk about competitive – I have no idea where they get that from? (lol)

There is a third game, again a free app, that requires you kids to draw lines on a sheet of paper. On the iPad screen you’ll see a ball drop, and the goal is to put lines and blocks on your paper to direct or stop it. Tough to explain, easier to show:

I took it to my In-Laws for Easter so the cousins could all play together – which they did – until the parents started getting involved and actually taking over the game. Truthfully, both of my Sister-in-laws asked for the name of the game and I’m presuming it’s to add it to their game repertoire.

This is not a sponsored post; Osmo isn’t even aware that I’m writing this. I paid full price for our Osmo game just like anyone else. I am being completely sincere when I say this is a FANTASTIC game. One I can see evolving to challenge them further, and with a longer lifespan that most of their toys. Plus, they play TOGETHER – which so many apps don’t have the option of. We were laughing and wrestling and carrying on – the girls together, and then the entire family as you get drawn into the fun.

Oh yeah, and it’s educational.


Canadians don’t buy it through Amazon.ca – they’ve doubled the price of the US Amazon site – instead you can get it at the Apple store, or online (with free shipping) through this link.

Have fun!


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