This post is long overdue, but Cassie thought this might be a great Summer suggestion – so I’m sharing it now….

Need entertainment for all of those family reunions, backyard barbecues, birthday parties and camping adventures? 
Check out our experience with the PARTY BOX from Curiosity Box!

In this case, the Rainbow Party Box!

 It’s part of the Curiosity Box product line – with one difference – this box has everything you need (including detailed instructions) to create 2 crafts and 1 game for 8 kids!

Enjoy all the colours of the rainbow at your party while creating an adorable rainbow craft and bracelet! Go on a rainbow bingo scavenger hunt and be the first person to get a bingo!
Inside your box you will find everything you need for 2 crafts and 1 activity for up to 8 children including materials, instructions, other activity ideas and some interesting rainbow facts! Embellishments are included.
Do you have more than 8 children at your party? Purchase an add-on for up to 2 children for $5 each and you will receive up to 2 more full craft kits in your Curiosity Box

I’m not sure – do you think they liked it? 

The blur isn’t from the less-than-stellar photographer, it’s the visible mayhem of 12 girls jumping up and down at the prospect of a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt!

Most of the items on the Scavenger Hunt card we already had around the house, so there wasn’t much set-up involved there.

To top it off, Curiosity Box provided all of the materials to make a ribbon rainbow and glamorous rainbow bracelet.

There were beads and charms and coloured strings and rainbow crayons and stickers – the box was FULL.

The party group ranged in age from 6 to 8 – and as you can see from the photos – no one was disappointed.

Cate’s always smiling, but look at the others – consumed by their projects and totally engaged.

Not to downplay the activities, but I do need to mention that the concentration you see also buys party-worn parents a moment or two of relative calm.

This is the next morning – after breakfast and presents, the girls still wanted to go back and make more things!

That’s the best marketing you can get!

So you don’t have a house full of screaming pre-tween girls?
There are Party Boxes like:

Tired of Dollarama loot bags full of junk – the contents of these Party Boxes could also be your Goodie Bag items!

Either way – at ~$5 per child – this may be the best (and least expensive) birthday party/family reunion/backyard barbecue, camping adventure you ever throw!

Cassie, you have outdone yourself – we are thoroughly enjoying our monthly subscription – but I think you can see that your Party Box was



Have a great one!