I know, I posted this bistro set makeover once before – but that was the set without the table top.  I’ve finally completed the top, so I can show you the real before and after in all it’s paint-covered glory!

I should start this by saying that this was the table top I really wanted for this set:

Koi fish table top mosaic

But having never done anything mosaic before in my life – I thought it might be a bit out of my league.

I figured I’d start with the cheapest option for saving/creating a table top and then work my way up from there.

Bistro Set top 0

Anything is up from here right?

This top is actually fibreglass and is pretty warped from moisture and sun.  I had to remove the wood backing on  it and sand it down, and it’s still a bit wonky.

Painting for my bistro set makeover is attempt number 1; the least expensive and easiest to do.  I haven’t painted fibreglass before, so I don’t know how well this will stand the test of time, particularly since it’s outside and exposed to the elements.

Someone once told me that you should keep your palette (at the time we were making cards) to 3 colours.  Too many colours and your piece/card will look busy and cluttered.  I’ve always sort of followed that rule when creating, and this piece was no different.  The blue in the chairs is pretty vibrant, so it made sense (to me) to keep the table top an almost solid colour.  I had these pillows from last year, so I just added a bit of green and white to my blue to keep things within the same theme.

Bistro set table top - painted

There is a reason why I paint furniture and not art.  My hands are not at all steady and staying inside the lines (much like in grade school) proved to be quite the challenge.

I used a spray paint primer for my bistro set makeover, then Behr outdoor paint for the detail work and then a ‘metallic pearl’ finish over top of that.  Why metallic pearl?  Because I’d never seen it before and I figured “what do I have to lose?”.

Bistro set with painted top

From a distance it’s not too bad at all.

After a few glasses of wine in the sunshine it’s damn-near perfection.  After a few hours of wine and sunshine – it looks exactly like the koi fish I wanted to begin with. lol

Bistro set makeover

I love these blues and greens – fresh, a bit nautical, a nice clean, unobtrusive Spring palette.

Bistro Set Top 1

The chair backs have the same fibreglass mosaic in them, so I did a tiny treatment to them as well – just to keep my bistro set makeover cohesive.

Bistro set - chair backs


Overall I’m pleased.

Bistro set makeover - before and after


My $35 iron bistro set:

Bistro set makeover - before and after

The leftover paint from this bistro set makeover went to the girls for their “Worm Hospital waiting room”.

worm hospital - 1

Have a great one!


Too funny: if at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

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