Today’s post isn’t totally self-serving (believe it or not).

It is actually a truism that can work to your benefit – let me show you why…

Every business should have a blog.
It’s been proven that this will give prospective customers/clients a way to research you and your products/services. It will answer their questions and build your credibility as a knowledgeable resource. It’s essentially customer service that you are doing behind the scenes. If you want to find out more, you may be interested in this guide to blogging.

Having said that, not everyone wants,or has the time, to create, maintain or build their own blog. In fact, product blogs can become monotonous to those not specifically searching for that product.

Enter personal bloggers (ME!)

I provide content that changes daily, is of no cost to people and is willingly referred to through both subscriber programs, other social media platforms and through Google searches for numerous keywords.

  • I have built the audience.
  • I have gained their (your trust) as being honest and reliable.
  • I have proven consistency in posting regularly.
  • and I have access to potential clients that wouldn’t normally research your product/service specifically.

What this means for your business?

Personal Bloggers should be part of the central hub of your advertising campaign.

  • On a blog information is updated regularly This isn’t always true of product websites where most content is static. This constant posting and updating boosts its Google ranking. If you are looking to monitor how your website is doing regularly, you could use something like a google ranking checker tool, which can help to monitor the sucess of your business.

  • The information presented is done so by a reliable source to the audience and hits a broader spectrum of clients than your website would.
  • The social media sharing from blogs is exponential in it’s reach. Articles posted today can/will be shared across the world over and over – over years and years. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – all of these applications can be updated with a single click and the marketing repercussions are like waves to a beach – constantly flowing in long after the article is posted.

Do you remember the movie “Silence of the Lambs”?
There’s a quote in it that pertains here: “People covet what they see everyday”.

Personally, I wouldn’t endorse a skin suit – but repeat exposure to products and companies does create a “need” within the consumer.

People go to personal bloggers to learn about creating Christmas decorations, sewing projects, recipes and cleaning tips and everyday they see your ad for your innovative product or service.
You are accessing the psyche of an audience that is willingly coming to the blog – repeatedly.
That’s better than a newspaper can do (unless you pay for your ad to be repeated daily). It’s better than a magazine can do (and much cheaper) and your ad is at work all the time – which television commercials can’t offer.
24-7 your ad is available and being seen.

Finally, all of these blog articles, links, promotions etc. will boost YOUR Google ranking. And if Google is the king of the internet – it’s certainly in your business’s best interest to be in good favour.

Think about it – and if you are interested in offering your product or service (or just information on it) to people all over the world – contact me today!

Spacing is limited and the Holidays are approaching!

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