With all of the stores advertising their “Back To School” specials, it’s starting to feel like fall.

I guess the evenings are getting a little more of that ‘honey glow’ that early autumn tends to bring – but I’m not ready for summer to wind down just yet.

One thing I like to do, about once a year, is purge the girls’ bookshelves.
We accumulate a lot of books here – whether through school fundraisers, garage sales, gifts or impromptu trips to Chapters – so their shelves are usually pretty full.

Some we can hand down from Madison to Chloe (they are a year apart in school) but many both of them outgrow and Daddy is sick of reading.

Here’s Madison’s bookcase – and you can see it’s a little full.


So we empty it out and Chloe chooses from the pile what she’d like on her shelf.

Purging childrens' books

MUCH better.
Room to grow!

Purging childrens' books

Then we head over to Chloe’s shelf and pull out everything she’s outgrown and re-insert her “new” titles from Madison.

Purging childrens' books

 This year we managed to weed out over 100 books which will go to a school in the area to add to their library.

Purging childrens' books

A lot of times libraries, schools, community centres and even Christmas hamper programs will gladly take them off of your hands to give to other children.

Mommy’s happy with the purge, Maddie’s happy with the space, Chloe’s happy with the new books and some other children will be happy for the new titles!

It’s an all-round win!

 Have a great one!