Did everyone have an amazing weekend?  It was absolutely SPECTACULAR here in SW Ontario – sun, sun and more sun.

The weather found me on the patio with friends, with the kids, by myself, with the dog – any excuse to sit outside and enjoy our long awaited Summer/long weekend.

Which got me to thinking – it’s about time to send out a tip for summer reading isn’t it?

I actually finished “Me Before You” a couple of weeks ago – in one sitting – and I can totally recommend it as a light, fun and somewhat teary summer read.

Book Review - Me Before You P


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes was released in 2013, but has only recently come to my attention because it is set to be released as a summer blockbuster on June 3rd.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.57.23 PM

I apologize for the photo quality – I bought the book without the movie cover, so I had to “borrow” this image from another site.

If you’ve seen or read “The Fault in Our Stars”, you’ll get the concept behind the story – you will cry in the end….

but up until that point you will find the characters frustrating, endearing, laughable and the perfect mix of quirky and complex.

I chose to read the online reviews after I finished the book, and while the book is touted as a “best seller”, there seem to be more negative reviews than positive ones online – many from people that do have disabilities. I appreciate that all good books emote strong feelings from readers, and I also admit that I don’t have the experience or perspective to truly empathize with anyone disabled… but if you take this book as I did – as a “summer read” and a light love story, then I think you will find the same appeal I did.

Me Before You isn’t about sex, drugs or fifty shades of anything – it’s about two people coming together in a difficult situation, and finding comfort and strength in each other.

It’s light, it’s what I’d call “fluffy”, and it’s perfect for a patio afternoon by the pool.

I’m attaching the movie trailer – but I should warn you; the book is always better (although the soundtrack seems like a winner).

Have a great one!