Book Review: The Goldfinchby Donna Tartt

I bought this book because it was a “Heather’s Pick” – and I usually enjoy her taste in books.  It’s also a New York Times Bestseller and a Pulitzer Prize Winner – so it has to be good right?

Synopsis: The Goldfinch

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It sounds spectacular in the synopsis…

but I’ve had The Goldfinch for a year now and haven’t made it much past halfway.

Even getting to that point was drudgery.

The story is okay.  Just okay.  I felt no bond with the main character – he’s not particularly likeable or charismatic – I’d sum him up as a burnt bowl of porridge: not good, slow, melancholy, dense.

I’ve kept at The Goldfinch here and there because of all of the reviews that raved about it, but I just can’t do it.  Seeing it sit on my shelf leaves me feeling guilty and as though I have another “to do” on my list.  An obligation more than a pleasure.

I’ve decided I’m going to part with the book now and eliminate the psychological pressure seeing the title has on me.  I held out as long as I could in the hopes that the ending would make up for the hundreds of pages of sloth.  It very well may.  This book might just come back on the very next page and redeem itself to the extent that I could justify the slow build thus far… but I’m not going to torture myself further.

I’m on page 740 of 1,020 (iBook edition), so I think I’ve given Theo a fair shake.

I’ve even gone to the bookstore to inquire if anyone else has read it and of the two that had, neither had managed to finish it either.

Whew!  Hate to think it’s just my puny brain that can’t find enjoyment and enrapture.  At least I know of a couple of other puny brains out there with me. lol

If you do decide to try out The Goldfinch, please let me know if it truly is worth perservering through.

For my part, I’ve got to say save your money – it just takes too much work to get to the glory.

Have a great one!

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