I guess I should have closed with that yesterday to be effective eh?

Sorry about that.

Go pick them out of the garbage now because I’m going to show you some beautiful topiaries that you can make with them!

I’ll wait.

First off you’ll need a bunch of roses from Costco.

They sell 2 dozen for $17.99, which is so insanely inexpensive I don’t know why Hubby doesn’t bring them home to me more often (not so subtle hint).

I found a couple of glasses at a garage sale last summer – which would probably be hideous as actual drinking glasses, but they are adorable as vases:  

As per yesterday, insert the perpendiculars first and then fill with greens until nice and lush.

The last things to go in are the roses.

I made one with 3 roses and the other with 5 – just to see which I liked better.

 I like them both.

I found one other dish in my Christmas stash that held a centrepiece last year – so I decided to fill it again this year:

So $17.99 for roses, maybe $1 for the two glasses and the leftover greens from yesterday and you have 3 arrangements that you can display together, put out separately or leave at someone’s doorstep as an inexpensive, but beautiful Secret Santa gift!

 I may put one on my desk and one in my bathroom so I can enjoy them everywhere.

 For now I’ll gaze lovingly at them in my dining room.

PLUS, if you keep them and the roses wilt a bit, all you have to do is replace those few stems – the greens should last the entire Holiday!

Have a great one!

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