I went garage-sale-ing last weekend.

My first time out this year… my garage is so full of stuff that I still need to work on, that I was worried bringing home more would just lead to a premature divorce.

(So I only bought small things that were easily hidden)

You should see the crap treasures I brought home!  
I’m so excited – granted, it doesn’t take much to get me excited. 

First off were these candle holders;


Both for $1.

They aren’t in bad shape either – I wasn’t so keen on the beige weave base, but only because it doesn’t go with anything in our house – not because it was hideous or anything.


All you need is a gorgeous day and a little “oil rubbed bronze” spray paint.


I didn’t prime these first, which maybe I should have – but with an organic material and a weave like this, I don’t see the paint chipping off.

I may be wrong – check back with me on this next year.

For now I went with three coats and lots of dry time.


We don’t use candles in our house – a paranoia of mine of cat tails catching fire as they walk by – but they look so pretty sitting there.

These were half used – which might deter some – but is perfect for me because it gives the impression that I actually light and enjoy the candle ambience in our home. lol


Cute right?


More crap treasures tomorrow!

Have a great one!